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Why ‘Done’ is better than Perfect

A few years ago, I promised myself I would present my own workshop to clients. I wrote it, I re-jigged it, I talked about it endlessly, I told my PR lady, I even told my kids…. I imagined what it might be like, me talking about my passion to other people and helping them….then I […]

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Mental Oasis – It’s an Inside Job!

There’s a lot of chatter on social media about ‘doing things’ isn’t there….doing exercise, following a diet, moving out of your comfort zone as though being busy was the antidote to feeling crap. When I speak with my clients they quickly tell me a list of things that they were told would be helpful to […]

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Hypnotherapy?! On Yer Bike!

Now I’m not one for getting on my bike – I am still haunted by a visit to Centre Parks when the kids were little and we thought it would be great to hire bikes. Guess who got the ‘tuk tuk’ shaped bike with the raging three year old in the back complete with picnic?  […]

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Seeking Inner peace?

Seeking inner peace? You gotta get high..just ask a Shepherd. I decided to go off-roading….in Crete…with the family. To be fair all was going well as we wound our way through the countryside passing peaceful olive groves and calm little villages where time appeared to have stopped in the 70s….. How I had to get […]

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Six Ways to Super Charge your Self Care

Does Your Self Care lack Sparkle?  Time to supercharge your self-care, my dear! Rome wasn’t built in a day they say but then neither was self-care, self- confidence or emotional resilience. My clients often tell me they wish they had more time to do the things they want to do but others seem to demand […]