Session prices 2022

These are the sessions and packages plus current prices. Scroll down page:

Prices for Adult one to one sessions in person

  • Adults  – First session                          £125.00 session (extended session)
  • Adults – Single follow up session      £95.00
  • Adults – Package of four sessions     £360.00  (good for anxiety & stress)
  • Adults – Package of ten sessions       £895.00  (full coaching package for change)
  • Adults  IBS Packages  5 sessions      £525.00 includes initial session & assessment plus 4 further sessions with personalised audio and in between session support
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance otherwise the appointment is not guaranteed.
  • Packages of  five and ten can be split in to two payments.
  •  Zoom/Online Sessions 
  • Adults – Zoom sessions                  £95.00 one hour
  • Once payment received, a link is sent for the session at least 24 hrs prior to the agreed session time.
  • Packages must be paid for in advance of sessions.
  • Pre paid sessions must be used within 3 calendar months of  booking.

Therapy for Students – On Line sessions are offered on Zoom

  • Sessions are discounted for full time students to £65.00
  • Bundle of four sessions in person or on line  £240.00
  • The criteria for Students is: those  who are in full time University Education and over the age of 18 years up to 25 years inclusive.
Therapy4Teens™ – one to one sessions are £45.00 per session in person or on Zoom.
  • Sessions last for 45 minutes to one hour. Parents/carers welcome to wait in separate room in centre.
  • There is an additional charge of £15 for an in person or face to face consultation of up to 30 minutes duration.
  • Additional therapy sessions may not be appropriate for children and young people who are already under the care of CAMHS or accessing NHS talking therapies. Please always check with your therapeutic provider.
  • Child age must be 13 to 17 years old.
Unfortunately, I am not able to accept cheques as a form of payment.
Sessions are not confirmed until payment has been made unless by prior agreement.
DBS Registered and adheres to Safeguarding Protocols.
Please check Terms & Conditions