One to One Sessions

I use hypnotherapy to help busy people who feel stuck and overwhelmed to quickly clear stress, anxiety, fear and/or trauma, this means they can get on with their life feeling calmer.

Julie phillips

I am glad you’re here – let me explain how I can help you in one to one sessions:

I love working with busy people including teachers, senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, business people and front line service personnel because I understand the different pressures they experience: time pressures, relationships, family, career goals, dealing with self doubt, the need to meet challenges head-on and the need to ensure that the work we deliver is of the highest standard because sometimes this can literally affect the lives of others. Add to this that fact that the strongest people are usually those who other folk turn to for advice and guidance (whether friends, family, colleagues or employees) and the responsibility to hold everything together can feel huge. If we do not take time to decompress we are in danger of reaching burn out.

The truth is, there is only so much of ‘us’ to go around, only so much we can give before the battery is in the red zone …so when life becomes stressful and difficult, we can feel like we are ‘drowning’ in overwhelm and fear. Sometimes the build up of stress can trigger past traumas which can rise to the surface of our world causing further anxiety. It may be that some issues may need to be resolved before we can find our next steps.

In truth, emotional trauma and fatigue can leave us feeling stranded and alone – we may not feel we can turn to our boss or friends/family for help. We may not want to burden them with our issues. We need someone who understands the realities and stresses of our world with the space and time to help us sort through those issues in a peaceful, confidential environment.

This is where my sessions can help you.

I help people clear the mind clutter with hypnotherapy so that they feel calmer, stronger, and happier again. After just one session you can learn exactly how wonderful it is to rediscover a calmer mind, to regain your emotional resilience and press the ‘factory reset button’ on your life so that you can make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions are individual to each client. Sessions are designed to help you relax whilst discovering solutions to those issues you need to resolve in a calm safe environment.

Clients choose me because:

  • They just don’t want to keep talking about the thing that is upsetting them – hypnotherapy is not like counselling, sometimes there are just no words needed.
  • They want to learn how to release themselves from stress, trauma and anxiety,
  • They feel stuck and want to get back in control of their lives – they don’t want to end up on a long waiting list.
  • They are private people who want to keep their mental health matters confidential. Group counselling sessions are not for them.
  • They understand the importance of investing in their own mental health and well being and want to get things sorted quickly and without fuss.
  • They want an independent, down to earth therapist who will help them get straight to heart of the matter, resolve issues, clear away the mind clutter and support them in finding solutions to their next steps in life.


Session details

We will make sure you have all of the time you need to get the most out of these sessions.

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