Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Updated November 2021 Please read the following Terms & Conditions regarding your booking with Julie Phillips Ltd.

Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching operates under licence to

Julie Phillips Ltd Company Number 8449198

The Therapeutic Office address is

Unit 2 Office 4

Roseberry Court

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Terms & Conditions

Updated November 2021

Terms & Conditions regarding your booking with Julie Phillips Ltd.


Where the terms I/You/Your is used, this refers to the Client who is undergoing the sessions.

NOTE: Hypnosis/Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist/Practitioner and the term therapeutic coach/therapeutic coaching is used interchangeably in the following document.

Julie Phillips BA Hons. QTS. PG Cert. Dip. Analytical Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner INLPTA provides hypnotherapy in practice. In agreeing to take a hypnotherapy and Coaching session it is understood that you give your consent to receiving hypnosis/hypnotherapy/NLP/therapeutic coaching work in sessions unless you have been advised not to by a qualified medical practitioner.

Please note that results can vary from client to client. Results are not guaranteed.

Please note that Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/NLP/Therapeutic Coaching work is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counselling.

Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching is not a medically trained practitioner and does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition.

Once you have booked and paid for your session you may be asked to complete a questionnaire. It is your responsibility to accurately provided background information as requested by Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd including, where necessary, medical information about drug treatment which may affect your ability to engage with the hypnotherapy and coaching session.

Covid 19 Secure

The therapeutic office is Covid 19 secure and a full risk assessment is available upon application.

You will be asked to follow specific guidelines such as washing of hands on entry to the premises and undertaking a distance temperature check. There is not requirement for physical touch regarding hypnotherapy & coaching. Appropriate social distancing measures are in place during the hypnotherapy & coaching session as per current UK government guidelines. Risk assessments will be reviewed regularly in line with specific statutory regulation. Guidelines will be communicated to you in the initial contact email for in person sessions.

Zoom Sessions: it is the clients responsibility to book sessions where they can attend to the therapeutic work with minimal background disruption. If in the event that the internet connection does not work or is interrupted, a second link will be sent. Should a second link not work an attempt will be made to either start the session at a different time /day which is mutually convenient for the client and therapist.  Alternatively, it may be possible to switch to a different platform such as WhatsApp which has secure encryption.

Julie Phillips and Julie Phillips Limited are covered by Insurance tow ork from any secure online platform to any client worldwide including the United States of America. It should be noted that that Julie Phillips and Julie Phillips Limited are wholly UK Based and the company is registered with Companies House in the UK  and therefore governed under UK Jurisdiction. Once a client accepts the contract of a Zoom Call they also accept (wherever the client may be based either UK or World Wide including Europe  ) that Julie Phillips and Julie Phillips Ltd work under the agreement as stated above regarding UK Jurisdiction.

Therapy for Teenagers (Therapy4Teens)

Please note this is a trademark with intellectual property rights registered to Julie Phillips Ltd .


I understand that Julie Phillips will follow Best Practice Guidelines in England regarding Child Protection Laws and Advice. Disclosures by minors will be passed on to the relevant child protection services. Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd is DBS Checked and Registered. Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd has also undertaken Prevent Training in respect of anti- terrorism laws as upheld by the United Kingdom Anti- Terrorism Act.

I accept that Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd may terminate therapeutic treatment if she determines my situation to be outside the scope of hypnoanalytic analysis, hypnotherapy, NLP or therapeutic Coaching. This will be made clear either in a session or over the phone. Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd reserves the right to terminate, cease and end agreement for sessions or packages purchased for any reason. A pro rata refund will be given for remaining sessions if this happens.

Disclosure Statements

All disclosures of physical, sexual or mental abuse by minors (Children under the age of 18) in the presence of Julie Phillips will be recorded and passed onto the Local Authority Children’s Services and/or the local police.


‘You’ ‘Your’ and ‘I’ are used interchangeably to mean the client in this case.

Client confidentiality is assured. Julie Phillips will not keep my personal details on any computer system except where agreed my email address.

Matters regarding your sessions will be kept confidential except in the following circumstances:

You (the client) grant Julie Phillips Ltd specific permission to release information to your GP, a specific individual such as a solicitor or agency such as Social Care of Mental Health Service Provider.

If there is a disclosure that your life or someone you know is in imminent danger of significant self- harm to self or others.

Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd is DBS checked and as such has a duty of care towards vulnerable children and adults. Client information is kept confidential (except where disclosure may involve harm to vulnerable children or adults at the time of disclosure). See above Safeguarding and Disclosure.

GDPR – Data Protection

Returned (emailed) Client questionnaires may be printed and kept as part of the paper base recording held with Julie Phillips Ltd. As per GDPR recommendations.

Julie Phillips Ltd holds a current ICO Certification for GDPR

Information collected by Julie Phillips Ltd will be:

  • fairly and lawfully processed.
  • processed for specified purposes.
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
  • not kept for longer than is necessary (I will keep your records for 7 years)
  • processed in line with the rights of the individual.
  • kept secure

Julie Phillips Ltd does not store individual client information on digital or computer systems except where a client has supplied their email address as a sign up to the news- letter for Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching. This is a voluntary sign up; your personal email information will not be shared with a third party.

From time to time, I may also consult with a supervisor and/or other colleagues, but in this circumstance, clients are not identified by name. Your booking constitutes you giving permission for such consultations where necessary; you will be informed prior to any consultation and given the reason for Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd to seek additional advices on your behalf. You will not be charged any additional fees in relation to such consultations.

The questionnaire sent to each client gives an option to opt in to a newsletter for Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching. There is an unsubscribe button for any client already subscribed that wishes to remove themselves from the list. You can also do so by contacting julie@juliephillips-therapeutic-coaching.co.uk


Your booking (the booking made by the client), including single sessions and packages, is a contract made with Julie Phillips Ltd.

All sessions must be pre- paid prior to your initial session.

Bookings are only valid once your payment (or agreed payment) has been received in full.

If the agreed payment is not made in full at least 24 hours prior to your appointment (unless agreed otherwise with Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd) your appointment will be cancelled and may be offered to another person.

On occasion, split payment options may be agreed: this is at the discretion of Julie Phillips Ltd.

Where Split payments are agreed, clients will receive and email to confirm this option which will also be shown on the invoice supplied and a strict payment schedule required. Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd reserves the right to alter payment schedules

with prior notice of 24 hours to client.

Additional Charges

There will be an additional charge for production of letters to solicitors or other outside agencies. This will be at the discretion of Julie Phillips Ltd. and charged at a pre agreed hourly rate for services provided in respect of administration including reports, letters or phone calls.


Where a Client is more than 20 minutes late to a pre booked and paid for appointment, whether on Zoom or in person, without prior notification by phone call or text message the session will be deemed to be completed in full. No Pro rata payment or refund will be made in this instance.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For Sessions, Courses and Workshops (including deposits for workshops.)

In booking your session or package of sessions, Courses and Workshop you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding cancellation:

All bookings must be paid for in advance.

Split Payments are agreed under separate terms with Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd.

You are entitled to change your mind and cancel your booking. Once a cancellation is made by text message or email within 48 hours of your pre- payment, the client will receive a pro rata refund of 95% of the total booking pre- payment under the following circumstances:


  • You cancel your FIRST appointment with Julie Phillips and receive a notification from Julie Phillips of acceptance of this cancellation within 48 hours of your pre- payment.
  • You are unable to attend your FIRST appointment due to unexpected events and notify Julie Phillips within 48 hours of making your booking. This includes bookings made on behalf of a client and paid for in full. In such cases the booking contract is deemed to be with the named client accepting the appointment and not the person making the booking. Cancellations may not be accepted by a third party (other than the client) except under extreme circumstances outside of the control of the client such as childbirth, hospitalisation or death.
  • Cancellations due to Covid or quarantine due to covid can be rescheduled online at no additional cost or rescheduled in person at a mutually convenient time.

Post Phoning Appointment to a later date:

  • Alternatively, a client may cancel their agreed appointment time but request that they will make an appointment at a future date and request that their pre-payment is held over in this respect.
  • Where a client has made such a request to Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd to ‘hold over’ pre- payment of a session or sessions in this respect, the client agrees that this appointment must be taken within 60 days of their request being made, otherwise the payment will be deemed as spent in full and the session completed. No further refunds will be offered in this respect.

Cancellations made outside of the 48-hour booking period:

Cancellations made outside of this 48-hour period of Booking and pre- payment may incur additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • A client prepays in full for a booking but cancels 24 hours prior to the agreed appointment time. In this example a client would receive a pro-rata refund of 50% of the original booking amount.
  • Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd may agree a new date and time with the client and the pre- payment is carried over to this new date. Please note that if a client cancels a FIRST appointment more than once, Julie Phillips of Julie Phillips Ltd reserves the right to keep the initial payment in full and may decline to offer any further appointment times.


Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching is part of Julie Phillips Ltd and is registered for insurance purposes with:

Holistic Insurance Services

181a Watling Street West

Towcester, Northants NN12 6BX

A copy of current insurance certification is displayed in the therapeutic practice room. A copy of the insurance can be sent on request.

Where an appointment has been accepted and paid for, the client agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions named above.

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