The World seems to have gone bonkers! How can we lower anxiety?

Tired of feeling tired? Worried about world events? Stress stealing your sleep? Is it time to press the re-set button on your life? Hypnotherapy can help you restore your wellbeing. Anyone who has anxiety and stress will tell you, it’s bloody exhausting. Waking up every day feeling like the sky is going to fall in […]

Hypnotherapy can help reduce stress, trauma and anxiety quickly.

One of the areas I focus on as a therapist is stress and  anxiety. I experienced this myself as a teacher and the impact upon my health was serious: I developed IBS (irritable bowel symptoms) and insomnia as a direct result of not managing my stress. Eventually, I discovered Hypnotherapy and was so relieved that […]

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Hypnotherapy healed my toxic stress. Now I help you do the same.

I felt it was time to reintroduce myself.  My name is Julie Phillips. I left my job as a full time English teacher and Head of Department to retrain as a clinical hypnotherapist and stress coach. My experience of stress, before I became a therapist, might sound familiar  to you. As busy professional, I was […]

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Can hypnotherapy help calm an Irritable Bowel?

Could Hypnotherapy help calm the symptoms of irritable bowel? Unless you have ever lost control or nearly lost control of your bowls in a public place you may not understand the total horror that results of such a horrendous experience. A year after I had the awful experience of having to find a toilet really […]

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Can Hypnotherapy help Post Pandemic anxiety in children?

Fearful and anxious children may struggle to return to life post pandemic. Can Hypnotherapy help? The impact of the pandemic upon the lives of children and young people is still being assessed.  At the start of a new school year, it is fair to say that impact on education has been widely felt. For some, […]

Brain too busy? Can’t switch it off? Time to take steps!

Does Your Busy Brain struggle to find calm or switch off? Your blueprint for calm could be right here!  Step this way. Last week my brain would just not shut down, my thoughts would not shut off and my inner critic would not shut up. I was feeling mental overwhelm with the amount I had […]