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Can hypnotherapy help calm an Irritable Bowel?

Could Hypnotherapy help calm the symptoms of irritable bowel? Unless you have ever lost control or nearly lost control of your bowls in a public place you may not understand the total horror that results of such a horrendous experience. A year after I had the awful experience of having to find a toilet really […]

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Can Hypnotherapy help Post Pandemic anxiety in children?

Fearful and anxious children may struggle to return to life post pandemic. Can Hypnotherapy help? The impact of the pandemic upon the lives of children and young people is still being assessed.  At the start of a new school year, it is fair to say that impact on education has been widely felt. For some, […]

Brain too busy? Can’t switch it off? Time to take steps!

Does Your Busy Brain struggle to find calm or switch off? Your blueprint for calm could be right here!  Step this way. Last week my brain would just not shut down, my thoughts would not shut off and my inner critic would not shut up. I was feeling mental overwhelm with the amount I had […]

Is Anxiety a Shark or a Goldfish?

Anxiety – Shark or Goldfish? A client and I were chatting about how anxiety showed up for them and what happened when the anxiety was really bad. My client said anxiety for them was like a Shark!  This is how many people say they feel  although anxiety is different for everyone. Anxiety can prevent client […]

Toxic stress and boiling frogs – both are harmful to health.

Have we normalised abnormal stress?  I have noticed in my therapy room recently: we appear to have normalised abnormal levels of stress. I have seen this before in teaching and other stressful professions where the emphasis was on working harder and harder, giving up more and more of your home life to the demands of […]

Fear of Needles making you ill? Hypnotherapy Can Help.

I went for a well woman check last week. I knew the routine: weight taken, blood pressure taken. Stress free right?  Unexpectedly, the nurse decided  to take some blood… Whether it was the ‘stress’ around  Covid, a case of ‘white coat’ syndrome or the effect of a busy morning,  I can’t  say,  I suddenly found […]