Brand New Workshop – Mojo Magic!

Have you lost your inner Sparkle?  Are you ready to do something extraordinary for yourself? Is it time to focus on what you want for a change? This magical hypnotherapy workshop could be the powerful change you need to get out of that rut! Read my 2 minute blog for  all the booking details ….. […]

Price List for Sessions & Packages 2024

Julie Phillips Price List 2024

Julie Phillips Hypnotherapy

Did you know simple self hypnosis skills can help change your life?

Over the last ten years I have been teaching my clients some of the most cutting edge therapeutic techniques, strategies and skills that have literally changed people’s lives for the better. The most simple self hypnosis techniques are often the most powerful if taught correctly and with over 20 years as a qualified teacher, I […]

Three signs that you are experiencing  stress and what to do about it.

Tired, anxious, or overwhelmed? It’s true that some people do not know they are stressed and close to burn out. Sounds odd right? And yet, particularly at this time of year, heading towards Christmas, many of the clients I see have put their own needs to the bottom of a very long list. I see […]

Business Brain Burn Out  – are you on stress ‘code red’?

Business Brain Burn Out? Stress that can cause chaos in your  business.  Next year will mark 10 years of me leaving my full time teaching role and starting my first business. In 2018, I added a second business to my portfolio which did not work out as I expected, and I had to close. In […]


The World seems to have gone bonkers! How can we lower anxiety?

Tired of feeling tired? Worried about world events? Stress stealing your sleep? Is it time to press the re-set button on your life? Hypnotherapy can help you restore your wellbeing. Anyone who has anxiety and stress will tell you, it’s bloody exhausting. Waking up every day feeling like the sky is going to fall in […]