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Tell Tale Signs you’re heading for Burn Out!

Let’s use your imagination for a moment. Let’s imagine that you have a machine in your kitchen, a most marvellous solid gold machine which every week churns out the equivalent of your wage. I’m guessing that you’d take care of it, perhaps polish it and make sure it was well oiled and dust-free to make […]

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3 reasons why self care is a job for your inner professional

There it is ….the ‘to do’ list possibly a constant feature on your desk or fridge; some people make fresh lists daily or weekly. Seems to be the required thing ‘to do’, to constantly remind yourself of all those tasks that want a piece of your time. Just stop for a moment…when was the last […]

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3 mindful moves to press the mute button on confrontation at work!

It’s the beginning of another stressful month – at least it seems that way…. You may be getting to the point where one more conversation with the Accounts Team (why do they have to be so bloody logical?)  will press your ‘crumple buttons’ and  you may well blow a fuse! Add to this your performance […]

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Stress sabotaged my career but saved my sanity

I’ve been there. I truly have. Let me take you back in time to a period in my life a now call the ‘dark, dark days of hell’…catchy, isn’t it? Picture the scene: it’s 5 am, I can’t sleep, I have written down lists and I know how many people are relying on me to […]

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Why ‘Done’ is better than Perfect

A few years ago, I promised myself I would present my own workshop to clients. I wrote it, I re-jigged it, I talked about it endlessly, I told my PR lady, I even told my kids…. I imagined what it might be like, me talking about my passion to other people and helping them….then I […]

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Mental Oasis – It’s an Inside Job!

There’s a lot of chatter on social media about ‘doing things’ isn’t there….doing exercise, following a diet, moving out of your comfort zone as though being busy was the antidote to feeling crap. When I speak with my clients they quickly tell me a list of things that they were told would be helpful to […]