One to One Sessions

One to one sessions are for you if you want to quickly reduce stress, anxiety &, trauma. I also offer hypnotherapy and coaching for people who want to make changes in their relationships/career/business. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to make powerful lasting changes you need.
I offer a free phone consultation prior to booking. Free parking

Julie phillips

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For over ten years, I have used hypnotherapy to help thousands of people clear away mind clutter, resolve personal issues quickly, avoid burn out and make decisions with clarity  about next steps. 

In just one session, I can help you

  • reduce stress, trauma and anxiety 
  • clear away old patterns & habits
  • sleep better
  • learn powerful strategies to remain calm and focussed
  • build self confidence and social resilience
  • take back control of their lives and make better decisions
I am  experienced therapist who will help you get straight to heart of the matter and resolve issues quickly and with privacy.
Interested in how I can help you? Simply send me a message and we can arrange a phone conversation.  
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One to One sessions

Hypnotherapy is the most powerful way to achieve the change you need.

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